Environmental effect of the project

The completion of the sewage system in the certain districts will better on the merits the infrastructural and life quality circumstances as well.

  • Due the project the everyday life of 20 000 families will turn to a cleaner, healthier and more comfortable life in short time, since the their wastewater will be discharged and treated environment friendly instead of putting it to out-of-date clarification tank, cesspool or pit. Families connected to the new system can take a deep breath because all the inconvenience and high costs related to suction will end, moreover the value of their property will rise.

The most significant impact of the whole project is that no further contamination to the soil from pits and cesspools.

  • The most important outcome of the sewerage is that our environment becomes cleaner and hygienic. All the wastewater of households with no sewer system pollutes actually  not only the soil, groundwater but the at the end the freshwaters, also.
  • Thanks to the newly built, up-to-date sewer system, the wastewater will no longer pollute the soil, groundwater, but directly be discharged to the new Central Wastewater Treatment Plant where it will be properly treated.
  • The proper discharge and treatment of wastewaters create a greener, cleaner and more liveable environment on the whole.
  • After the construction of the new sewer lines, there is the possibility to re-cover  the dirt roads.
  • By the enlargement of the sewer system all the contaminations of hazardous wastes in  the wastewater (pharmaceutical residues, chemical residues) in the groundwater and later on in the freshwater  will stop.
  • After the completion of the BKISZ project the free flow on the South-Buda side will disappear not charging any more the recipient Danube.