Description of the project

Objectives and main impacts of the project:

The sewerage rate in Budapest is actually about 94 %, but the indicator shows quite large variance among the districts. In the last decade Budapest made great efforts concerning  wastewater treatment regarding closed and on-going developments. Due to the developments by the time 2015 the sewerage rate will reach the 99.9 % and the so collected wastewater can be treated properly and distributed to the recipient Danube. 

An environmental megaproject has started: 16 districts of Budapest (II., III., IV, X., XI., XII., XIII., XIV., XV., XVI., XVII., XVIII., XIX., XX., XXII.,  XXIII.)  and Budaörs are involved. In the frame of Budapest Complex Integrated Sewage Disposal Project about 240 km new sewer is constructed – of that is about 20 km main collector -  and thanks to these development lives of more than 20 000 families are getting more comfortable.

The project aims to solve the problem of areas with no sewage – based on a cooperation agreement with the districts – with financial assistance of the EU. The importance of project is underlined by the follwing data: 16 districts are involved, 238 km line is due to be constructed, about 14 000 houses to be connected to system, which means life quality improvement for 41 000 inhabintants.

The constructions works of the investment began in the districts no 18, at the area of  Pestszentlőrinc-Pestszentimre, where the most sewage line approximately 90 km line is laid down connecting to about 9500 families.

Lenght of sewer to built by districts:

District 2.

9,3 km sewer

District 3.

18,8 km sewer

District 4.

1,4 km sewer

District 10.

1,9 km sewer

District 11.

7,5 km sewer

District 12.

6,0 km sewer

District 13.

2,3 km sewer

District 14.

0,4 km sewer

District 15.

1,2 km sewer

District 16.

16,0 km sewer

District 17.

15,0 km sewer

District 18.

88,7 km sewer

District 19.

2,8 km sewer

District 20.

0,6 km sewer

District 22.

34,4 km sewer

District 23.

10,9 km sewer